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What’s the number one reason you want to quit smoking?

Have you been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness? Are you afraid that you might? Is it the high cost of cigarettes? Is it the effect on children and loved ones? Is it the smell? Is it what smoking does to your skin and appearance? Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to quit smoking. Sometimes you just realize that now is the time to do it.  What ever your reasons for having made the decision to quit, you have come to the right place. Doctor Sewell has achieved a phenomenal 80% success rate with his clients. As a former smoker himself, he understands smoking from the inside out. As a person who has successfully quit, he understands exactly what it takes to help you really succeed. Physicians from around the country regularly refer their patients to Dr. Sewell because of both his medical training and his outstanding success rate.   “To really quit smoking quickly and easily, patients need to understand the biology of smoking cessation. When a patient is referred to me the first thing I do is gauge their need. While the process of quitting is universal, each patient is unique. Open communication is crucial to your success. Through hypnosis we can marshal all of your inner resources so that you can quit easily and quickly. It’s all about building momentum so you can break through! Hypnosis makes it happen!”  

Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

Because that inner momentum is so crucial to your health and success Doctor Sewell is quite firm in the details of his Smoking Cessation Protocol. This includes not only the number of sessions but also the timing and sequence of the sessions. Doctor Sewell also recommends nutritional supplementation to speed the healing process and greatly reduce cravings. “ Physicians refer their patients to me because they know my work. They trust me to help their patients. I take this trust seriously. That’s why we do all that is necessary to help you finally quit. Commitment is crucial. When you really want to stop smoking you’ll do whatever is necessary to regain your health and vitality. With hypnosis you can quit smoking quickly, easily and permanently!”   For a FREE in-depth phone consultation, and to learn more about Doctor Sewell’s Hypnosis Smoking Cessation Program, simply call us at 941-321-9267. PLEASE NOTE: As a nationally recognized expert in Smoking Cessation, securing your sessions with Dr. Sewell can be challenging.  We encourage all prospective clients to call at their earliest convenience to ensure the best appointment times.

Watch These Testimonials To Learn How Dr. Sewell Is Able To Help Folks Nation-Wide Quit Smoking Successfully!

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